American Moms Series

June 21, 2015


I moved to Missouri from Boston in August of 2014. While I was aware that it would require some adjustment on my part, I was unprepared for the events that unraveled in Ferguson only months after moving here. (I live about an hour and a half away from Ferguson).The American Moms series came about in response to watching the interviews that were conducted with various mothers who have lost their children. As a mother I wondered how the parents of the victims were coping with the horror of losing a child.This led me to research the mothers who have lost sons and daughters to racially motivated violence and I began to question how this brutality impacts families and communities. Many of these mothers have become amazing advocates against racism and gun violence. I am not interested in photo realism, I am much more interested in expression, texture and color as an artist. The portraits that you see are a bit raw as this project felt particularly urgent to me. 




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